Dr. Emiliano Cancellieri

Research Interests

Presently my research deals with the study of non-linear optical systems with a particular focus on their out-of-equilibrium properties. In particular I am studying the interaction of light and matter in quantum dots, both alone and in engineered photonic devices, and the generation and behaviour of polaritons in quantum wells in Bragg-cavities and in waveguides.

In particular I am investigating their fundamental physical properties such as: single photon emission, dephasing, squeezing, superfluidity, spin-vortex generation, and interaction and quantum properties of bright and dark solitons. My recent research also focuses on topological states of light and on PT-symmetric systems. At the same time I am addressing the implementation of all-optical devices both analogical and quantum. The main techniques I am using for these studies are: Gross-Pitaevskii equation, density matrix approach, quantum Monte-Carlo methods, genetic-algorithm optimisation.


I am deeply interested in teaching and in the use of new technologies for teaching purposes. During my career I have taught vector calculus in the course “Math for Physicists and Astronomers” at the University of Sheffield both suing the more traditional frontal teaching approach and by adopting a flipped classroom approach. To this end I have developed a series of videos and online exercises to better engage students and push them to take ownership of their learning activity. As other teaching activity I have also developed a web-app (“Quantum Speed Test”) to highlight the performance gap between classical and quantum computers. Finally, I have run tutoring groups for 1st year students of the University of Sheffield, and taught “Fundamental Physics for Pharmacy and Chemistry” at the University of Modena.

Outreach Activities

I am particularly interested in outreach and dissemination activities. For this reason I have worked at the development of several science exhibits including: the art exhibit entitle “An Artistic Journey into the Physics of Light” for the Festival of the Mind (2016), the exhibition “Quantum Light” for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (2015), and the exhibition “Blow Up” at the University of Modena (2007). Moreover I have developed outreach videos on the differences among quantum and classical computation (“Computing with Quantum Light“) and on the possible technological outcomes of polariton physics (“Polaritons: light-matter coupling for new technologies“).

Here my profiles on Google ScholarArXiv – LinkedIn – Web of Science.

Recent publications

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