Festival of the Mind

In 2016 we took part in the Festival of the Mind, an incredibly vibrant week-long event linking science, art and modern day challenges in an entertaining blend. Our group participated in two projects within the Festival, which was exhibited for the whole week at The Millenium Gallery.


An Artistic Journey into the Physics of Light

“An Artistic Journey into the Physics of Light” is an art exhibit at the Festival of the Mind inspired by the research activity of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Sheffield. The aim is to show how art and scientific research are complementary ways to interpret the same reality.

The Hidden Life of Light

Come and watch our entertaining animations about light and how we use it to build quantum devices, and eventually a quantum computer! We will exclusively premiere our latest animation about the ultra-thin (just one-atom thick!) materials and the incredible ways they can be used, it will be only available at the Festival of the Mind. More info here.

Quantum Speed Test

Quantum computers massively outperform conventional computers when finding the prime factors of large numbers. We simulate the time it takes to find the prime factors of large numbers for quantum and conventional computers. Try our Quantum Speed Test to check yourself how much faster a quantum computer will be!

Your Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about our research we would be happy to answer them! Just send us the question using the form and we promise to answer it as soon as possible!

Also we would like to hear any feedback or suggestions from you.

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