Quantum Light

Quantum Light (On a Chip)

Welcome to the QL webpage. ‘Quantum Light’ is an exhibit, which we created to tell the story of how we can use light for communication today, but most importantly how light can be used to build future quantum computing devices — this topic is at the core of our research. This year we have been very busy, presenting our exhibits at Discovery Night, the Exploring STEM for Girls event and returning to the Cheltenham Science Festival. We have previously been selected for the Summer Science Exhibition 2015 at the Royal Societythe Cheltenham Science Festival 2017 and also attended previous editions of Discovery Night and Researcher’s Nights in Sheffield.

Our exhibits

Photos from previous events

Quantum Speed Test

Quantum computers massively outperform conventional computers when finding the prime factors of large numbers. We simulate the time it takes to find the prime factors of large numbers for quantum and conventional computers. Try our Quantum Speed Test to check yourself how much faster a quantum computer will be!

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