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Current-collapse in GaN HFETs – why deep levels really matter

Solid-state microwave power amplifiers are increasingly employing transistors based on GaN rather than Si or GaAs. However although GaN also offers a huge performance advantage compared to Si in power…

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Novel GaAs quantum dots grown by droplet etching

As promising single photon and entangled photon pair generators, quantum dots (QDs) have attracted intensive interest. In this talk, I will introduce our recent work in growth of novel GaAs…

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Electrical and Optical Manipulation of Polariton Condensates on a Chip

Following the observation of Bose Einstein condensation of cavity exciton-polaritons attention has shifted towards realization of polariton based devices. I will review recent progress on realization of practical polariton based…

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Engineering coherent artificial atoms

Strong quantum confinement has led to the observation of discrete, atom-like energy levels in solid-state quantum dots (QDs). However, for a typical self-assembled QD the confinement potential of a particle…

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