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Optoelectronics with 2D semiconductors

Two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystals, such as graphene and layered transition-metal dichalcogenides, are currently receiving a lot of attention for applications in (opto-)electronics. In this talk I will review our research…

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Multiplexing heralded photons: sources and applications

In this talk I will discuss the use of different multiplexing techniques on photons generated by spontaneous four wave mixing in slow-light silicon photonic crystal waveguides.  The first experiment uses…

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Polariton and photon condensates in organic materials

I will discuss photon[1] and polariton[2] condensation in systems of organic molecules in optical microcavities. Such experiments pose several questions; among these, how does such coherent light emitting systems differ…

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Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics at semiconductor nanowire interfaces

Prof. Laura M. Herz, University of Oxford, will give a talk  entitled ”Ultrafast charge carrier dynamics at semiconductor nanowire interfaces” on Wednesday 16th July 2014 at 14.00 in Hicks Lecture Theatre…

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Van der Waals heterostructures

Research on graphene and other two-dimensional atomic crystals is intense and is likely to remain one of the leading topics in condensed matter physics and materials science for many years….

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