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Polariton Lattices: a new platform for quantum simulators

Finding the ground state of physical systems is the natural quantum analogue of classical constraint satisfaction problems that are mapped into various optimization problems in technology and life sciences. Most…

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High quality solid-state spin-photon interfaces

Optically active spins confined in solids, such as semiconductors and diamond, provide interesting and rich physical systems. Their inherently mesoscopic nature leads to a multitude of dynamics within the solid…

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Quantum state control in single quantum dots

Quantum dots have been investigated intensively for last two decades to implement solid state quantum information processing because of the long coherence time, particularly for spin-based quantum bits. Photocurrent spectroscopy…

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Coherent control of donor atom orbits in silicon

  Shallow donor impurities in silicon, once frozen out at low temperature, share many properties in common with free hydrogen atoms, with a single spin-half electron orbiting a singly positively…

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Photonic quantum technology and progress in quantum foundations

As a new addition to the UK research community I will first introduce myself and my work in quantum photonics, which reaches from photonic engineering to applications in quantum information…

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