QuTe Workshop – March 31st 2015

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The QuTe 2015 Workshop:                                               

There is a growing number of researchers working on quantum technologies. This trend has also been observed within the Low Dimensional Structures and Devices (LDSD) group here at Sheffield. The QuTe 2015 workshop has been developed with this in mind and with the intention of raising awareness of quantum technologies research conducted within this department and by groups nationally.

QuTe 2015 has been organised by post-graduate researchers and will be held at Sheffield University, hosting talks from leading academics, researchers in industry and upcoming stars in the field. QuTe will expand on the already established White Rose Consortium on quantum information technologies between Sheffield, Leeds and York, to build a wider research network across England.

Involvement in the workshop will help broaden the research network of PhD students, Research Associates and academics involved, creating opportunities for external collaborations and future employment in other universities and companies.

Organisers of the Workshop:

Earl Campbell (Post-doctorate researcher),

Emiliano Cancellieri (Post-doctorate researcher),

Mark Pearce (PhD Student),

Jasminder Sidhu (PhD Student),

Giuseppe Buonaiuto (PhD Student).


Sponsors of the Workshop:


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