QuTe Workshop – March 31st 2015

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Travel Information:

For detailed travel advice, please consult the main University travel webpage. Whilst travel by railway is recommended, the main travel options are summarised below:

By rail

Sheffield is at the heart of the railway network. Regular services operate between Sheffield and London St. Pancras (from just over 2 hours), Birmingham (1.25 hours), Leeds (1 hour) Manchester (1 hour) and Nottingham (1 hour). There is a direct link from the railway station to the Sheffield Station Supertram stop via the main overbridge.

Cross Country Trains
Trains to and from Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Oxford, Penzance, Plymouth, Reading, and York.

East Midlands Trains
Trains to and from Chesterfield, Derby, Leicester, London St Pancras (International), Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham and Peterborough.

First TransPennine Express
Trains to and from Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Manchester and Manchester Airport.

Northern Rail
Local trains to and from stations in Yorkshire, Chesterfield, Lincoln, Manchester and Nottingham.


More information on train services to and from Sheffield

National Rail Enquiries
Train travel for the whole of the UK, including Live Arrival and Departure information from Sheffield Station.

Discounted railcards offering a third off for students and young people are also available from National Rail.

Travel South Yorkshire
Local rail timetables, including bus and tram services.

There is a direct link from the railway station to the Sheffield Station Supertram stop via the main station bridge.

By Motorway (M1, M18)

Note that parking on campus is limited, so if you plan to drive to the University, please arrange parking in advance or use park and ride.

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