Dr. Evgeny Chekhovich

Research Interests

Dr Evgeny Chekhovich received his MPhys degree from the Moscow State University in 2007 and obtained his PhD from the Institute of Solid State Physics in Chernogolovka, Russia in 2010. Since 2010 he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the LDSD group and in 2013 he was awarded a highly competitive Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship from the University of Sheffield. Starting from 2015 he became a Royal Society University Research Fellow. His research interests include:

  • Electron and nuclear spin effects in semiconductor quantum dots
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in semiconductor nanostructures
  • Electron spin resonance in semiconductor quantum dots
  • Atomic-monolayer transitional metal dichalcogenides

For an up-to-date list of publications please see Google Scholar profile

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