Dr. Jasminder Sidhu

Research Interests

Theory of Quantum imaging, metrology and optics

My research tries to understand how the methods in quantum metrology can be used to improve the estimation precision in the context of quantum imaging. I am currently investigating ulitimate estimation precision bounds on imaging resolutions. In particular, I am studying how different quantum states of light may be used in enhancing our resolution capabilities. This is the study of quantum imaging – a new field evolved from quantum metrology; the science of precise measurements. Presently, I am investigating how the estimation of the source seperation distance, d, of an array is affected by the geometry of the array.

In summary, I am interested in the following research areas:

  1. Foundations of quantum mechanics
  2. Quantum imaging & optical state preparation
  3. Quantum metrology & parameter estimation theory
  4. Quantum Optics

Teaching and demonstrating activities

I have participated heavily in undergraduate teaching activities. I have demonstrated in second year Python computing modules, Python for theorists, and the compulsory Physics modules.

Outreach Activities

I am also interested in conveying difficult concepts in Physics to a general audience through many of the outreach activities organised by the University of Sheffield. For this reason, I have participated in the preparation of numerous science exhibitions. This has included the Festival of the Mind (2016), where we used art as a media for explaining photons, excitons, polaritons and neutrinos. Besides the latter, each particle have shown promising properties to be exploited in the drive towards the quantum technologies revolution. The work was called “An Artistic Journey into the Physics of Light”. Currently, I am working towards prepartions for the Cheltanham Summer Science Festival 2017.

Research workshop organisor
I was part-organisor of the Quantum Technologies workshop 2015. QuTe 2015 has been organised by post-graduate researchers and will be held at Sheffield University, hosting talks from leading academics, researchers in industry and upcoming stars in the field. QuTe was organised to expand on the then established White Rose Consortium on quantum information technologies between Sheffield, Leeds and York, to build a wider research network across England.

Other profiles
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