Dr. Maxim Makhonin

Research Interests

Currently work in Nano-OPTICS section
Former member of Spin Phenomena section

  • Nano-optoelectronics for application in quantum information processing
  • Light-matter spin transfer and interactions in solid state quantum optics
  • Electron-Nuclei spin interactions in quantum dots
  • Coherent manipulation of nuclei spins in a single quantum dot
  • Semiconductor quantum dots and nanowires
  • Semiconductor micropillars with embedded quantum dots
  • Semiconductor microcavities with embedded quantum wells/ polaritonic effects


About research:
“Quantum information: Noisy neighbours under control”, Guido Burkard, Nature Materials 10,811–813 (2011)

Have participated in more than 20 international and local conferences with 16 oral presentations including 4 invited talks and seminars. 26 papers have been published since 2003 including 2 paper in Nature Materials, 3 papers in Physical Review Letters, 7 in Physical Review B, 3 in Applied Physics Letters and 1 in Journal of Applied Physics.

Recent publications





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