Dr. Paul Walker

Research Interests

Paul is an experimental researcher in the LDSD Group at the University of Sheffield and an expert in nonlinear and quantum photonics in semiconductor devices. His main focus is on strong light-matter coupling, especially strong coupling of photons and quantum-wells excitons to form exciton-polaritons. This provides photons with giant nonlinear interactions which can be used to generate quantum states of light, in classical all-optical information processing schemes, or to study new regimes of physics which are otherwise very challenging to access experimentally.

Research Topics

  • Spatio-temporal nonlinear optics in exciton-polariton waveguides.
  • Interacting optical fluids and polariton condensates.
  • Spin-dependent polariton interactions: from many-body effects in condensates to the single-particle level.
  • Quantum Optics: Generating quantum states of light using optical nonlinearities
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy of Van-der-Walls semiconductor materials.
  • Photonic lattice analogies to solid-state physics problems
  • Electromagnetic simulation and design of photonic structures
  • Theoretical and numerical simulations of polariton nonlinear structures and devices.

External Websites

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