New State-of-the-Art Tuneable Ti:Sapphire Laser

The Low Dimensional Structures and Devices group recently took delivery of a state-of-the-art tuneable infrared laser from Edinburgh’s M Squared lasers. This significant investment will help the group to remain at the forefront of semiconductor physics research both in the UK and internationally, allowing for expansion into exciting topical research areas such as nano-optomechanics. Ultimately, the laser enables research into various aspects of quantum computing technology, which are anticipated to provide massive performance enhancements over conventional classical computers.

The new ultra-stable continuous wave system boasts an extremely coherent single longitudinal lasing mode allowing precise interrogation of optical and mechanical resonances in semiconductors. The user-friendly setup enables fine wavelength scanning between 700nm and 1000nm, with power output up to 1.7W facilitating even the most demanding of experiments.

The laser will allow the group to continue cutting-edge research in semiconductor quantum optics, for instance in the creation of highly coherent single (non-classical) photon sources for use in quantum computing, whilst moving into new research fields such as the cooling of mechanical resonators to the quantum ground state, with the aim of developing a quantum analogue for computer memory. login problems with gmail account and sign in tips