Nature Photonics paper

Today sees the publication of two papers from our group. The first is a Nature Photonics paper titled “Optical analogue of Dresselhaus spin–orbit interaction in photonic graphene”, which is available…

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LDSD seminar series

October 2020 marks the return of the LDSD seminar series, where physicists working in the field of nanophotonics present their research virtually. Last Thursday 15th October saw Dr. Hamidreza Siampour…

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July 2020 publications

July 2020 saw the publication of two papers from our group: 1. C.L. Phillips, A.J. Brash, D.P.S. McCutcheon, J. Iles-Smith, E. Clarke, B. Royall, M.S. Skolnick, A.M. Fox, A. Nazir,…

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