Bright 2D Solitons

In this work we for the first time demonstrate bright 2D polariton solitons. The polariton solitons are localised nondiffracting wavepackets. They travel at speeds of approximately 1.7 µm/ps, and their size is of the order of 5 µm with corresponding broad spectrum in energy-momentum space. Video below shows a reconstruction of the motion of the soliton.


Dissipative polariton solitons are triggered and sustained by input lasers. The ‘Pump’ laser is focused onto a large spot (100 µm), whilst the pulsed writing beam is focused onto a small region (7 µm). Each pulse of the writing beam triggers a soliton which travels within the pump spot, as shown on the figure.

Scheme of soliton excitation

Scheme of soliton excitation

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