Dielectric nanocavities for enhanced Purcell effect and strong directionality

In this talk I will discuss our experiments with dielectric nanocavities for single photon manipulation.

I will report parabolic antennas surrounding an individual quantum dot as a source of collimated single photons, which can then be easily extracted and manipulated. These are fabricated by direct laser writing over a single quantum dot localised by confocal microscopy. The parabolic antenna provides one of the largest reported experimental directivities (D = 106) and the lowest beam divergences (Θ1/2 = 13.5°) and a broadband operation over all of the visible and near-infrared range together with extraction efficiency of more than 96 %, offering a practical advantage for quantum technological applications.

Moreover, I will discuss a design concept for tailoring the local density of optical states (LDOS) in dielectric nanostructures, based on the phase distribution of the scattered optical fields induced by point-like emitters. I will report dielectric Mie resonators with up to 1000 Purcell enhancements. The coherent design provides a powerful tool for high-performance dielectric resonators, and affords fundamental insights into light-matter coupling at the nanoscale.
[1] A metal-dielectric parabolic antenna to direct single photons, S Morozov, M Gaio, SA Maier, R Sapienza, Nano

Letters 18, 3068 (2018)
[2] Nanoscale design of the local density of optical states, Sandro Mignuzzi, Stefano Vezzoli, Simon A. R. Horsley, William L. Barnes, Stefan A. Maier, Riccardo Sapienza Nano Letters ArXiv/1809.05514 (2019)

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