Lasing from opto-mechanical nanoresonators

Dr. Andrey Akimov,The University of Nottingham, will give a talk entitled “Lasing from opto-mechanical  nanoresonators” on Wednesday 19th February 2014 at 14.00 in  Hicks Lecture Theatre 7 (HI-LT7).

 “Lasing from opto-mechanical  nanoresonators”

Andrey Akimov

School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Nottingham


The existence of both optical and nanomechanical resonances in the same laser microcavity results in strong photon-phonon interaction, and may be explored for the ultrafast control of vertical lasers. In this talk the experiments involving the injection of picosecond strain pulses into an optically pumped vertical laser, and the monitoring of the modulated output intensity will be discussed.  In experiments with a quantum dot laser, an increase of the lasing output by two orders of magnitude has been observed on a picosecond time scale [1].  Another recent experiment with a quantum well vertical laser also showed intensity modulation with the mechanical resonance frequencies (20-80 GHz) of the microcavity. The work is done in collaboration with Ultrafast Acoustic group in Dortmund Technical University, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute and Wurzburg University.


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